Engagement Rings

Finding her just the perfect ring is the most important moment of your life. You can surprise her with the kind of engagement ring you can only get from Crown Diamond Jewelers. Our vast selection of engagement rings includes the styles, cuts and shapes to meet any desire. Whether she prefers the classic sophistication of solitaire engagement rings or the unique design of a ring from one of our exclusive collections, you’ll be sure to find the one she has always wanted.

Engagement Rings Specialist Tampa Bay Florida

Engagement Rings Specialist Tampa Bay Florida

Engagement Rings Specialist Tampa Bay Florida

Here are some questions to help you in the process of choosing an engagement ring:

Is there a favorite shape or cut?
The most popular diamonds by far are the round or oval shapes; these shapes have the most sparkle. What is important to remember is that the shapes with the least cuts, or facets, (such as the emerald shape) require a higher quality stone which could substantially affect the size and cost of the ring.

What sort of setting is required?
This is an important question based on lifestyle. If you are very active, you might want a bezel set where the stones are set securely down inside the band. If more sparkle is what your after, then you want a prong setting.

How many diamonds do you want?
Many engagement rings are single stones. A recent trend has been to surround the main stone with smaller diamonds. Another popular style is three stones where the center stone is slightly larger.

Have you considered colored stones?
One of the most famous engagement rings in the world is the beautiful blue sapphire ring worn first by Princess Diana and now, by Princess Catherine.

What is your preferred metal?
White gold and platinum are the favorites. Price will also play a role in this choice as the cost of metals can vary greatly over time. The color of the stones is another influence on the choice of metal; certain colors just look better together. Choose your stone first and then try it up next to different metals to see how it looks.

And the practical questions…

What is her ring size?
Aside from asking her or a friend, you can try one of her rings on your finger and see where it stops. Have the jeweler measure there.

What is your budget?
Have a pretty clear idea what you want to spend before you head to the jewelry store. This will also help to narrow down your choices.

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